Infidelity gossip plagued Giada De Laurentiis’ relationships

There’s a saying that truly the only «bad exposure» are «no coverage.» You to you’ll wonder, but not, if or not Giada De- Laurentiis would consent, having been the subject of tabloid fodder to the multiple times that have reference to alleged , De Laurentiis are rumored to own already been romantically involved with Matt Lauer, who was up coming anchoring new Today reveal, on what De- Laurentiis could have been a routine visitor (thru Nearer Each week). The latest Lauer rumor cropped backup from inside the 2013, however just before De- Laurentiis is reported having hooked up which have bad-boy pop celebrity, John Mayer, predicated on All of us Weekly. And additionally, there were and therefore are nevertheless the fresh new ongoing rumors away from De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay.

Whether true otherwise totally fabricated, these types of rumors likely took its cost into De- Laurentiis’ matrimony, maybe adding to the woman breakup. In reality, De Laurentiis confirmed as much so you can United states Each week when she shown one up coming-husband Todd Thompson try ashamed by the Mayer-associated rumors. However, even in the event we weren’t privy to that little bit of awkwardness, they wouldn’t be unrealistic to visualize you to definitely upsetting rumors meant to wreck you to partner from inside the a love might destroy both lovers, not to mention the connection by itself (thru Therapy Today).

Perhaps not convinced? Getting a quick and you may terrifying primer towards the electricity regarding hearsay to damage existence, take a look at the unresolved puzzle of one’s Circleville Emails.

Giada De Laurentiis’ friendship with Bobby Flay could have unwittingly provided to help you their splitting up

Giada De- Laurentiis along with her buddy and you may other celebrity chef, Bobby Flay, are not a product, however, you’ll find loads away from good reason why some body consider he could be. The pair, who have been family relations for pretty much as long as De Laurentiis try hitched in order to Todd Thompson, frequently take pleasure in flirting the press; thought particularly antics because entertaining brand new claims from gossip columnists one to they made such as for instance teenage sweethearts, and you may carved their initials on the particular wonders place within Ny City’s Emilio’s Ballato in New york (De- Laurentiis’ agent denied all the). And when you look at the pandemic, although of your rest of us was basically holed up inside the our very own residential property, Flay and De Laurentiis had been focusing on an alternate let you know entitled Bobby and Giada from inside the Italy, which had been put-out within the 2021 toward Breakthrough Along with.

Nevertheless, regardless of what holds true otherwise just what becomes genuine when the De- Laurentiis was to shed their tgpersonals shield (through Us A week), such a close relationship between several attractive, heterosexual grownups who do work together with her possess lay a-strain on the either or all of its marriage ceremonies. Given that psychiatrist Dr. Jacqueline Olds told Therapy Now, a position such as this can make imbalance however relationship of one’s «works spouses,» since acquaintances which form a separate and sometimes questionable thread was either entitled.

Anybody may have gotten in-between Giada De- Laurentiis and Todd Thompson

Giada De- Laurentiis and you will Todd Thompson, who , had divorced soon thereafter. Although the dying of icable» of the De- Laurentiis by herself, the simple truth is that after a breakup of less than six days, Thompson drawn the fresh new plug on the whole issue because of the filing for splitting up, mentioning irreconcilable distinctions (thru Age! News). I along with be aware that De- Laurentiis along with her latest date, Shane Farley, satisfied into the 2013 – while you are De Laurentiis and you will Thompson were still partnered, and while Farley was still o (thru Page Six).

De Laurentiis keeps always handled one to she and you can Farley failed to start dating up to months shortly after her divorce proceedings from Thompson try signed. Especially, their representative told Web page Half a dozen that the dating began into the , De- Laurentiis informed Those who just after her divorce proceedings, she «spent from the a year and a half by yourself, perhaps not matchmaking, just figuring things aside,» and therefore she reconnected with Farley only upcoming. Who does have place the beginning of the De Laurentiis’ reference to Farley at around , to which i scratch all of our brains and you will say, «huh?»


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