We can not go back after a while, however, we can last forward up to some one create new in reverse time servers

They could also fly

[A tune starts to try out toward track off Zager Evans’ Inside the season 2525.] Song: [verse 1] In that-o-five, one-o-four If the child is still real time If robot might survive They can find

[verse dos] Around twenty-four twenty-five twenty-five This new in reverse day machine nevertheless won’t have arrived in every the nation, discover only one tech Good rusty blade to own practicing proctology

They travelling submit

[verse step 3] Afterwards seasons one stops that have an effective twenty A beneficial slumpy merman is actually planning to try to get chummy He might seem like good watery wimp When in facts he or she is a bloodstream thirsty schrimp

[verse cuatro] Around 1 million and a half Peoples type was enslaved by giraffe Boys must pay for everybody their mistakes Whenever the fresh tree passes was stripped off their departs

[Montage in the track: In the year 105105 (verse step 1), the nation is included from inside the freeze and you will Eskimos pursue new team into the seals having handguns. In 252525 (verse 2), it see a beneficial mediaeval palace in which a beneficial knight driving a beneficial ostrich stabs Bender about right back that have a blade. Around 351120 (verse step three), the world is covered in water. The full time server floats, and you will Fry and you can Farnsworth explore Bender’s legs to have oars. A great merman tries to desired them, it turns out to be a giant schrimp. Around 1 million and a half (verse 4), it fulfill once more a great mediaeval castle, however, this time the home is really extreme, and from the jawhorse will come good giraffe getting removed because of the half a dozen enslaved people. They go a to a forest which have one leaf left and you can the new giraffe eats it. It travel give] [Scene: Entire world Share: Conference room. The season 3030. Globe Share became a massive birth company with many of a lot duplicates of the World Display boat. Leaving and you can entering. A classic Hermes and you will old Leela looks over the hangar which now have step 3 tales regarding boats being all of the making and you can typing.] Old Hermes: Often I can’t believe how effective Planet Express turned into while the teacher is actually slain therefore caught handle.

[She takes out a photo regarding the girl and Fry, who’s sipping a can out-of Slurm. Trailing the latest pictures stands a mature Cubert.] Dated Cubert: Hi, Leels.

[Cubert’s sight broaden.] [Scene: The season four million. Globally is included that have futuristic structures and its particular beings is small and pink, with pointy ears, holding an effective headband which have a yellow circle in side. The brand new crew’s date servers places inside a playground plus they meet a few people.] Men inhabitant: Could possibly get we help you, strange of those?

[She opens good holographic presentation more than the thoughts. An individual shape are split up in two; you to front side is the red of those.] Men inhabitant: There are i; state-of-the-art into the intellect and you may morality.

[Yet not, this time the Dumblocks have chosen to take over plus one strikes Bender into the head.] [Scene: The season 10 mil. Here, of many ruins safety the planet, if you find yourself icon crawlers which have laserlight beams fury war through to new people. Particular wounded soldiers go by the time escort North Charleston machine as it happens.] Farnsworth: Yuhoo, boys! What is actually this period inside human history like?

Soldier #1: Brand new. this new machines, i situated them to generate our life smoother, however they rebelled. They will not prevent until all the human is actually deceased.

[Farnsworth and you will Fry aren’t happy with this coming, however, Bender, additionally, appears to be enjoying the candidate.] Bender: It seems like a great coming. Let us simply sit here. We could relax thereon mountain from skulls.


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